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There is no way to express our gratitude to you when you consider supporting us. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, we prefer to contact you directly via email and provide you with therelevant information and or forms.

Please indicate below where you consider supporting us and we'll make sure your contribution is allocated to the correct department;

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Banking Details

If you prefer to make a direct deposit or do an EFT transfer, please use the details below;

Tithes / Offerings Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name:
RUCC Main Account
Account Number:
253 223 423
Branch Code:

Building Project Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name:
RUCC Building Account
Account Number:
253 227 321
Branch Code:
05 26 21

RUCC Cares Outreach Project

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name:
Rhema Services Foundation
Account Number:
253 223 962
Branch Code:
05 26 21

Contact Details


898 Eroll Spring Drive
South Africa


T. +27 (0)47 531 1380
F. +27 (0)47 531 2008/2438


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